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The Smells of South Bristol!

OK, OK, what the hell is this?

Well, I run the same route on Tuesdays and Thursdays from my office in Central Bristol, around the river and down towards my house in South Bristol.  Although the route is getting a bit boring (I'm not a big fan of change), it did occur to me on a recent run, how many interesting whiffs there are on this 6 mile jaunt.

Still with me?

Here's a bit of info about what's been getting up my nose for the past year or so....

1. Nepalese Curry - Kathmandu Restaurant, Colston Street

2. Triple cooked chips - Grain Barge, Hotwells Road

3. Woodsmoke - Barges at Bristol Marina

4. Cannabis - Wrong'uns walking down Coronation Road

5. Ale - The Avon Packet, Coronation Road

6. Petrol - Harvest Petrol Station, Coronation Road

7. Tanned Leather - Thomas Ware & Sons Tannery, Coronation Road

8. Carbon Dioxide - Traffic, Coronation Road

9. Burgers - Evening Kick Off, Ashton Gate, Ashton Road

10. Indian Curry - Al's Tikka Grill, Ashton Road

There you have it, a 50 minute assault on the senses!  Bit more interesting than running on a treadmill in a crowded gym that's for sure!

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