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Saturday, 13 December 2014

#3 Helsinki Marathon - Aug 15th 2015

After some good advice from running guru Mike Shepherd, I've gone and booked another one for 2015.  I'll be ticking Finland off the list by doing Helsinki!

Never been to Finland before and this is a great excuse to go!  Was very easy to enter the race and the course looks very pretty, running over bridges and through parks Helsinki Marathon Route 2015

The average temperture over there in August is around 17C which makes it pretty manageable and it will mean that besides a week off for Glastonbury and a few days after I do Prague (May 3rd) I will be training for pretty much 10 months of the year!

Makes sense on reflection to try and get this challenge done a bit quicker so will be doing 3 next year and hopefully 4 or 5 in 2016 when I should find it easier to get to and maintain my fitness.  Who knows maybe I can try and get them all done before I hit 40! (2022)

Again I'll be getting in touch with Invest In ME to see if we can get some attention whilst we're over in Finland, if you'd like to sponsor me (your donation covers all 28 that I'll be doing) then do visit my Justgiving page

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