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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Pre-training runs and mini-update

Am running 4 times a week at the moment as I'm trying to get in shape ready to start training in January.  This is combined with cross-trainer and weights 6 nights a week and a pretty Spartan low fat diet and more challengingly, a serious reduction in rum and cider!

Going well so far, not been further than 4 miles yet but am feeling healthier and building up stamina pretty well.

My favourite route at the moment heads right alongside the river in Bristol passing SS Great Britain and then heading back through Southville.

4m Sept route

Need to get some proper running shoes and some other stuff so off to Easy Runner in Bristol and will get them to analyse my running 'style' this week.

A couple of random thoughts re Prague next May.

1. I'm going to get the Czech M.E. Association involved somehow to raise awareness as I now will with all of the countries I run in.

2. Prague Marathon has a notoriously large number of cobbled streets so I'll need to find somewhere in Bristol to train and incorporate this.

3. Now set up my Justgiving page (on right hand menu), won't be asking anyone for any money for a little while though!

More soon....

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