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Saturday, 25 October 2014

October Update

So I'm training for my training as it stands and starting to get into a good rhythm.

Down to 12 stone which is a good start and I think my optimum weight is going to be somewhere between 11-11.5 stone for when training starts in mid-late January.

Here are my new trainers bought from Easy Runner in Bristol (

Asics (my usual running brand of choice), £85 proper comfy.

They're really great at Easy Runner as they can record you running on a treadmill ('gait analysis') and play it back to see what sort of trainers will work best.  Fortunately, despite the issue with my knee, it seems like I've got no real problems with my running technique, phew!

I'm now up to just over 4 miles per run, three times a week.  Two nights of the week are dedicated to weights and cross-trainer work to try and get myself in shape to lengthen the running distance soon.

I'm trying to run on Sunday afternoons at the moment rather than just in the dark on weekday evenings to try to replicate race conditions.  Also its just much nicer running when there's people about!

Doing some background reading tonight I found some interesting info about the 28 marathons that I'm attempting!

Below are the races, next year's dates and how many entrants they had last time out.

Austria 12th April  9000
Belgium 4th Oct  1279
Bulgaria 12th Oct  174
Croatia 12th Oct  448
Cyprus 8th Mar  500
Czech Rep 3rd May  9000
Denmark 24th May  10000
Estonia 13th Sept  1800
Finland 15th Aug  3865
France 12th April  40000
Germany 27th Sept  22000
Greece 9th Nov  8499
Hungary 11th Oct  4400
Ireland 27th Oct  12000
Italy 22nd Mar  15000
Latvia 17th May  1300
Lithuania 13th Sept  752
Luxembourg 30th May  8000
Malta 22nd Feb  508
Netherlands 19th Oct  12000
Poland 26th April  6675
Portugal 11th Oct  1000
Romania 5th Oct  705
Slovakia 29th Mar  739
Slovenia 27th Oct  1100
Spain 26th Apr  11000
Sweden 30th May  12000
UK Done! 35000

Some of the lower attended races look pretty scary (except Malta), can't say I'm looking forward to Bulgaria or Romania to be honest.  Read some reviews and a few of the lower races don't tend to give out water or have any toilets!  Also its really hard to find where to register/get your race number the day before, eek! Luxembourg is a night marathon and looks kind of fun though.

Next update in November when I will have upped the training and hopefully done a decent run on my hols in Cornwall and York!

With Prague booked in for May I'm now starting to think about booking one for next October, makes sense whilst I'm feeling up for it and keen to keep up the training/complete lifestyle overhaul. Eenie meanie......

Cheers for your support, drop a few quid into my Justgiving on the right hand side if you feel generous.  Invest In ME is an incredible charity which is entirely run by volunteers, they're really on the cusp of a breakthrough with the illness and anything you can spare would be massively appreciated.

Thanks for reading


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