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Saturday, 15 November 2014

#4 Dublin Marathon - Oct 26th - 2015!

I've booked another one for 2015 and it's going to be Dublin in October!

There's a few reasons why I've gone for this one next including the fact that its going to be cheap to get there and it falls at the end of October (26th) which means I can have a month off training (around the time I'm at Glastonbury Fest) after Prague (May) and then start up afresh with enough time to get ready again.

Dublin looks like a really friendly race and having been there a couple of times before I know that it will get great support from the locals.  I haven't done much research so far on the course but I've read some good reviews and it looks like it should be well-organised and great craic (Dublin race reviews).

It was pretty easy to enter online and not too expensive (70 EUR) and I hope to be joined by my good mate and Portadown resident Ben Scott who has caught the running bug too (more on him to follow!) Would be great to run a with a familiar face, not sure how long he'll want to stay with me at the back though!

Once again this one will be for Invest In ME ( who are entirely run by volunteers aimed to raise awareness and funds for ME sufferers.  They're doing an amazing job at the moment and funding research that is breaking exciting new ground to find a treatment for the illness.  I'll be setting up a Justgiving account for this event towards the end of next summer.

For now it's all focus on getting ready for January's training, good to get two booked in for 2015 though and looking forward to picking the two for the following year (Luxembourg and Greece my current favourites for that!)


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